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Tuesday Halolinks: Day Two of All-Star break, I'm already bored

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The All-star game is tonight. So what.

"Dude, you're an all-star, stop grabbing your junk"
"Dude, you're an all-star, stop grabbing your junk"

Who else knew the All-star break was now four days instead of three? Why didn't I get the memo? I don't know about the rest of you, but I just can't get excited about these three...err, excuse me, FOUR days, as it just seems like a needless break in the real action of managing my fantasy team and watching Angels' baseball (obviously not in that order). Will I watch the game tonight? If the circumstances line up and I'm near a TV that happens to have the game on, sure, but my DVR isn't set. In fact, I have no idea what time the game actually starts (5pm on the west coast...I just looked). Does this make me a "bad" baseball fan because I'm not excited about the mid-summer festivities?

  • From the few things I've read about Jim Leyland, he comes across as a guy who just doesn't give a shit what other people think. Most times I admire that trait, but sometimes, like this time, it makes him sound like an uninformed old coot: Howie Kendrick’s Absence From All-Star Game Raises Questions - Yahoo! Sports. "The Los Angeles Angels' Howie Kendrick is an above-average defensive second baseman who is having the best year of his career on a team full of players having down years. I think many would agree this is the type of player who should be rewarded with an All-Star game selection. Leyland left out a lot of deserving hitters this year, but he made sure that the undeserving Torii Hunter and Prince Fielder from his very own Detroit Tigers were on the team. Maybe it's because of their career contributions to the game. Maybe it's because they're smoking buddies. But it certainly isn't because of this year's performance."
  • SiriusXM Radio plays the old "America's Top 40" broadcast on their 70's on Seven station, and the other day they were playing the the broadcast from this week in 1973. The number #1 song was "Will It Go Round In Circles" by Billy Preston, but it also included his song "WORST SONG EVER?" at #7. My 16 year-old son said, "Are you kidding me, is this song real?" Yep, 1973 was awesome. And not only because of the music, but because Nolan Ryan was an Angel: 40th anniversary: Nolan Ryan’s 2nd no-hitter of 1973 - The Hardball Times. "Ryan's game was against Detroit in Tiger Stadium, and he set the tone early, fanning two batters in the first and then striking out the side in the second. A few guys did get on base, because—Ryan being Ryan—he missed the strike zone. He issues walks in the first, fourth, fifth, and seventh innings."
  • Here's another post from The Hardball Times. There's an interesting graph included with this article. It's interesting because of the growing gap between the Ranger/A's and the Angels. Depressingly interesting: AL West: checking in at the break. "Pujols also could benefit from an increase in BABIP, and, as with Hamilton, that's an increase that may very well be possible. If there's anything physically wrong with Hamilton right now, not much has been made about it. Conversely, for Pujols, issues with his foot are well known. Angels fans must hope that Pujols' immense talent will mean that he can repeat what he did last year and put up a second half where his batting average jumped 40 points."
  • This will be the funniest video you'll see today:

  • Cubs trade rumors: Rangers favored to land Garza - MLB Daily Dish. "While the Rangers are clear favorites, the source warns that "you never know who might jump in late" and acquire Garza at the last minute. If the interest is serious enough, teams like the Red Sox, Indians, Blue Jays and Cardinals may increase their offers to snag Garza before the Cubs accept the Rangers' offer." Should the Halos jump into the Garza-fest? Do they even have anything the Cubs want?
  • You know what? The people running MLB sure seem like a bunch of...of...I don't even know the word. It seems like they're more interested in the unimportant, rather than promoting the game and showing how great the sport is. Sure, Petye Rose is a scumbag, but not THAT big of a scumbag: Tim McCarver says MLB won't let networks show Pete Rose video. "Tim McCarver appeared on The Dan Patrick Show this morning after DP returned from a summer vacation and dropped a nugget about the paranoia that permeates throughout Major League Baseball. The Fox analyst revealed MLB restricts them from showing video of all-time hit king Pete Rose, and the same goes for ESPN as well."
  • Cool GIF: Five reasons why Bryce Harper and his family were winners at the Home Run Derby - Yahoo! Sports. "Bryce Harper didn't win Monday night's Home Run Derby, but for a 20-year-old in his first Derby, he sure had a strong showing."
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  • Creepy GIF: Mike Piazza’s Derby interview was interrupted by a fight and a creepy video bomber - Yahoo! Sports
  • This will be the meanest thing I say or write today...maybe even this week; "Who's the guy in the dress?": Jackie Autry on recent All-Star game results: ‘This is not acceptable to the American League’ - Yahoo! Sports. "Jackie Autry is mad as hell and she's not going to take it any more."
  • Here's the biggest and best news to come out of the break