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Extended Replay May Come in 2014, Says Joe Torre

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Finally someone from high up speaks out...

"They're doing it?" "Yeah man!" "Finally.."
"They're doing it?" "Yeah man!" "Finally.."

Former Yankees and Dodgers manager Joe Torre is feeling "pretty confident" that there will be an extended use of video for replays in 2014. Torre, who is now the Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations, knows how many fans, players, and managers feel about blown calls in today's game. The only thing included in today's instant replay are home-run calls and the extension for next season would include "fair-foul calls."

It's good to see someone from the Office of the Commissioner has spoken out and is keen on extending replay in baseball. As we've witnessed this season, there has been some calls strangely missed and they may be corrected as soon as next season (albeit the link provided was not an actual play).

Source: CBS Sports' EYE ON Baseball