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Angels Injury Update

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Here's the latest from some of the Halos who are hurt.

Everybody... JUMP!
Everybody... JUMP!
Patrick Smith

The LA Times' Mike DiGiovanna has provided us a with a few updates on three Angels players. Starting with Peter Bourjos, the LA Times' write says that the center fielder's wrist has not "healed completely." Furthermore, Speedy Petey is said to have been throwing a baseball but has not been able to swing. In case you forgot, Bourjos was injured on June 30 in a game with the Houston Astros.

On the pitching side, we have new information on the status of two lefties. Both Jason Vargas and Sean Burnett have been "long-tossing to 140 feet" and are expected to throw off of a mound within the next two weeks. Vargas was sent to the disabled list due to a blood clot in the armpit area while Burnett suffered an elbow injury.

Good to see some progress on all of their injuries. Now if only someone could go wake up Ryan Madson...

Source: Mike DiGiovanna's Twitter