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Angels Win on Weaver Wherewithall

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What a Wonderful World!

Harry How

Jered Weaver showed up, labored but never allowed a threat to appear as the Angels beat the Athletics on a barrage of solo home runs and superior pitching.

Albert Pujols, Erick Aybar and Mike Trout hit solo home runs after the Halos had scored a run in the first inning on three hits. Meanwhile the first place A's are an odd, faceless bunch, like a seventies supergroup with no superstars, multiplatinum blandness like Styx, Journey or Foghat. Meanwhile the Los Angeles Clash of Anaheim is way behind in the charts but delivers some of the most memorable baseball of July (although the Clash started the season hot and then delivered their turkey "Sandinista", which was synonymous with the Angels' lousy April).

You say you stand by your team, I'll tell you something that'll make you steam - You say you love them and that's a fact and then you leave for the Lakers down the tracks - well I suppose this uphill climb is tough but there's only one thing you can do oo oo - stand by yur team all night long, you might be crazy to believe, did you lie eye eye when you sold you seats on stub hub?

Oh well, for one night we can rock the casbah of Anaheim, light that baby up!