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CJ Wilson Weaves Gem

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CJ Wilson book-ended an amazing start by the Halos ace Jered Weaver against their AL rivals in the form of the Oakland A's.

Hot dogs are good.
Hot dogs are good.
Harry How

Anaheim- The Angels are in definite need of a serious winning streak if they hope to keep pace in the suddenly competitive AL West. Tonight they crafted a good start to that winning vibe by besting the Athletics of Oakland, California by a score of 2-0.

C.J. Wilson lowered his ERA to 3.15 on a tremendous outing.

It was all quiet on the Western Front offensively speaking but your Halos did just enough to win. Kendrick flashed his leather and Alberto Callaspo launched a solo dinger into the right field bleachers to pad our score in the 7th inning. His HR was a thing of beauty. He turned into an inside off speed pitch and cranked it into the stands; likely making a lot of Angels fans happy.

Your Los Anglos will be 9 games out of the AL West after the end of this pitching clinic. The Halo Hopefulls still have optimism about this season and it's well garnered. This team is turning a corner, and no amount of ESPN can abate that. These guys are hungry, and they're looking for more.

Ernesto F locked down his 24th save with a non-heart attack 9th inning. He struck out John Jaso on three pitches without breaking a sweat. Watch out AL West, this Halo team is mean and hitting baseballs really hard. Don't count us out boys and girls. We're about to reshape the AL West race, and how.