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Ryan Braun Suspended; Nelson Cruz & Bartolo Colon Next?

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Let's Hope the AL West soon becomes more favorable to the teams who do not cheat.

adios mo-fo
adios mo-fo
Norm Hall

Probably too little too late to help clubs that do not employ steroid cheats like Nelson Cruz of the Rangers and Bartolo Colon of Joakland but Major League Baseball has suspended Ryan Braun, he of the martyr-like chain-of-possession defense after a positive test for performance-enhancing testosterone agents were discovered n his urine sample during the 2011 playoffs.

Braun wil be suspended for the rest of the seaosn - 65 Games - without pay. This is actually a boon to the Brewers who could budget some of Braun's 2013 dough for a free agent pickup in the off-season.

Years ago Braun was injured when muscles on his ribcage became detached - the telltale sign of steroid use is when the muscles become to big for the tendons that attache them to the bones. Be on the lookout for Bud Selig using his disciplinary powers that are outside of the General Agreement between MLB and the Players' Union... the cheats are about to meet their doom. They might be able to mask their medicine, but in strong-arming the drug-pushers themselves, here in the form of the Miami Biogenesis Clinic, MLB is letting everyone know: you can run but you may not be able to hide.

In the short term, this boosts the credibility of the Biogenesis Clinic... read about how at MLB-Daily-Dish linked below...