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Alex Rodriguez Likely to be Suspended

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And there's a hell of a lot of evidence.

Uh oh..
Uh oh..
Alex Trautwig

Baseball writer Jon Heyman has essentially said that the writing is on the wall for Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez. News broke yesterday that Brewers left fielder and team leader Ryan Braun had indeed been connected to Tony Bosch. Braun was served with a large punishment: the rest of the season without pay. When reached out for a comment from CBS Sports, Rodriguez's publicist obviously declined.

The formerly talented third baseman has already had his share of steroid allegations and even admitted to using during the early stages of his career. Now he's turning 38 in four days and is trying to return from injury to help a team that is descending down the standings of the American League East. But it's alright, Alex Rodriguez can just walk away from the game with $353,416,252 and still live comfortably.

Personally, I think Ryan Braun's punishment may be too light. He constantly lied to Major League Baseball, the Brewers, and the fans. He even had televised press conferences to deny it! At least Alex Rodriguez had the decency to admit it on television. I would give ARod the rest of the season penalty while Braun misses out on some more of next season.

And don't forget, these two are not alone. Bartolo Colon and Nelson Cruz are among Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braung along with fifteen to twenty players who are likely to be handed suspensions.

Source: CBS Sports' Jon Heyman