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Tommy Hanson Beautiful, Angels Ugly in Loss

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The Bullpen blows it once, twice, three times a lady...

The Sun's Not Yellow It's Chicken
The Sun's Not Yellow It's Chicken

Final Score in Anaheim: Angels 3 Minnesota Twins 10


Why do they build us up - just let us down?

This miserable excuse for a game teased Angels fans many many times.

Tommy Hanson threw 76 pitches in 5.1 innings in his return from the Disabled List - this was amazing in a stretch of no offdays to have the bullpen rested. But the gift was tossed out the window when the bullpen blew the game. Six relievers would eventually pitch and ...oh look, there is a day game tomorrow!

Hanson was down 1-0 in the bottom half of the fourth when Albert Pujols and Mark Trumbo hit solo home runs.

Dane De La Rosa allowed the tying run in the seventh and Kevin Jepsen allowed the go-ahead run in the eighth.

The Angels loaded the bases and had the tying run walked in on a patient plate appearance by Erick Aybar.

Then with one out and the bases loaded and Mike Trout on deck, J.B. Shuck grounded into a double play to send the game into extra innings.

Okay so that is three heartbreaks so far and each one a painful individual event. Ernesto Frieri then surrendered the fourth Twins run in the game like all the others had been scored - a hit and a groundout and another hit, nothing flashy or dramatic or worth twenty five million per season, just scoring runners, you know, boring baseball.

Frieiri then melts down and gives up a grand slam. My wife had a margarita with dinner and goes into an awesome tirade. I ask her who she blames - Fireri, Jepsen, Shuck...

Her answer: Buttercup.