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Jered Weaver Dominates Twins, Angels Avoid Sweep

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Weaver has not allowed a run at Angel Stadium in past three starts.

Hey Hey My My Rock N Roll Can Never Die
Hey Hey My My Rock N Roll Can Never Die

Final Score in Anaheim: Angels 1 Twins 0


Jered Weaver pitched a two-hit, eight inning masterpiece in a day game at home but since his offense had only managed one run, a save situation for the suddenly shaky bullpen made fans quickly forget the easy domination Jered enjoyed and instead made every fan sit in the edge of their seats.


Mike Scioscia made it interesting by calling in Ernesto Frieri for a three-out save after his blown tenth inning meltdown last night. Perhaps this instills a little more confidence in our closer but he did not necessarily evince talent in walking the leadoff batter and hitting the next man he faced.

Up popped Scott Downs and Kevin Jepsen, the Anaheim version of the Bullpen-bound Bobsy Twins. But Frieri let a pop fly drop for a double play, moving a runner to third. He walked a batter and then faced the guy who hit a grand slam off him last night. Struck him out to end the game.

But the first eight innings were the masterpiece. Weaver struck out nine in eight innings pitched, allowed only two singles and one walk. It was his third straight game at Angel Stadium without allowing a run. After throwing 23 pitches in the first inning he finished with 114 thrown, having dialed in after the first. His season ERA is now below three at 2.98 and we can officially get excited about seeing him help eliminate the Rangers form contention in Arlington on Monday.