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WeekEnd HaloLinks: - July 26 - Blitzkrieg Bop Edition

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They're piling in the back seat..........They're generating steam heat..........Pulsating to the back beat..........

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Catch a falling Star and put it in your pock-et, save it for a rainy day!
Catch a falling Star and put it in your pock-et, save it for a rainy day!
Drew Hallowell


Nothing makes a pitcher look as awesome as does an offense which scores a boatload of runs behind him. C.J. Wilson, tossing 123 pitches for the second time this season, made the 3 runs surrendered look quite comfortable over his 7 innings. Look past the 3.18 ERA for the season and focus in on his 1.96 ERA over his past 8 starts. We may love us some serious Jered Weaver, but Wilson leads in the team MVP category for 2013.

That offense looked just fine, even with all singles. As the Angels offense awakens in 8-3 win over A's, a particularly interesting tidbit is that "the last time an opponent scored at least eight runs at the Oakland Coliseum was when the Angels lost 10-8 in 19 innings on April 29."

Halos ride huge burst to rout in AL West clash. Albert Pujols gets some props for going 3 for 4 (the very night that somebody tosses out a trial balloon for an ARod-for-Pujols trade straight up). But I do have to wonder about any claim that THIS is "a road trip that may define their season". I'm pretty sure that I could come up with quite a few other things that would define the craptastrophe that is 2013.


On To Angels Baseball!

  • Trade Season: Lest we forget, as we are poised to sit on the sidelines, we were once the key beneficiary of one of The Best Deadline Deals Ever. Oh sure, ESPN is doing this for every team, but it's tough to argue against a deadline deal that netted both "...perhaps the best two-month stretch of [Teixeira's] career..." AND the Yankee's pick in the very next draft where "the Angels took a New Jersey high school outfielder named Mike Trout". All for only Casey Kotchman and Stephen Marek.
  • Stadium Tour: Craig Shibley did a stadium review for Yahoo! Sports, Pretty good stuff, of which we are all aware. Except, of course, when it comes to food outside the stadium. Craig must be local to the Fullerton area, since he leads with a train trip to the Fullerton station for best dining. Craig, Craig, Craig, should have called. Note, however, that he leads with @Halosheaven first for Internet fandom.
  • Just to Piss Me Off: This kind of admission just gets my goat. As an old-school guy late to the sabre game, and still early in my transformation, I still refute the notion that hitters merely are what they are. I believe in situational hitting. I believe in adjustments. I believe in coaching, I believe in evolution. So when Hunter states "I changed my swing plane and just told myself I’d start going for base hits....I started hitting second a year ago, and I told myself I’d start shooting the ball up the middle and going the other way, to try and move the guy over. I’m sacrificing myself to set up the table...I’m more of a selfless player than a selfish player" I just go apeshit. This is the same Torii Hunter gave us, stubbornly, 85 GIDP's as an Angel. By his own admission, he could have fixed that any time, folks.
  • Confusion: So the Angels traded for a couple of prospects, Julio Concepcion and Andres Perez. No problem there. I am trusting that the Halo staff knows a boatload more about these guys than I do. I got my expertise and they got theirs. All good. But, they traded a draft slot for these guys. A draft slot. Since when have MLB teams been able to trade draft picks? Right up there with that head turner, comes the news that the players union somehow negotiated away the right of their members to seek a second opinion on personal health issues. The mind boggles...
  • Problem Solved!: Mike DiGiovanna of the LAT has hit upon the magic spell of doom that has cast a pall over the Angels' 2013 season. Wow. All they have to do is stop hitting all those home runs when nobody is on base. How come none of you guys saw that, huh? And, hey Halos! Did you hear that? You need to start hitting your home runs when you guys have runners on base. Get on that, would you??
  • STIRRUPS!: Check it out folks! HT to Uniwatch, but note the two tone stirrups on this California Angels uniform of the early 60's. Here is another shot, this one of Jim McGlothlin. Nobody who masters in the study of these things knew, apparently.

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The Angels are Toast! Or grilled cheese...


Friday, July 26 @ 7:05 PM, (FS-W / MLB.TV) LA Angels @ Oakland A's - Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum

Jerome Williams (RHP) 5-6 4.73 ERA versus Bartolo Colon (RHP) 13-3 2.52 ERA


Saturday, July 27 @ 12:05 PM, (FOX / MLB.TV) LA Angels @ Oakland A's - Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum

Garrett Richards (RHP) 2-4 4.66 ERA versus Tommy Milone (LHP) 8-8 4.18 ERA


Sunday, July 28 @ 1:05 PM, (FS-W / MLB.TV)
LA Angels @ Oakland A's - Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum

Tommy Hanson (RHP) 4-2 4.75 ERA versus Jarrod Parker (RHP) 6-6 3.79 ERA


Oh joy! One more chance to be victimized by Bortolo Injectesoid Colonoscopy. Meanwhile, no offense to any Jerome Williams supporters around here, but the dude is 0-2 with an ERA of 11.12 and only 6 K's over his last three starts. Richards, on the other hand, hasn't started since late April. But it could be worse, It could have been Joe Blanton. We could be licking some serious wounds come Sunday morning, when Hanson takes the mound to carry on his strong comeback. Question: once you park your 2 year, $15 million disaster on his butt for failure above and beyond the call of duty, what are your options going forward?


This Date In Baseball History: 1879 - A feat highly unlikely to ever be equaled (and it's already been 134 years), Harry McCormick - the pitcher - hits a home run, in the first inning, and wins the game 1-0 with the only run of the contest..........1900 - The "convivial" Gus Weyhing - quite the "pigeon fancier" - after being released by St. Louis, has a Brooklyn Sheriff seize the Cardinals' gate receipts in protest of being cheated out of ten days pay. By the way, just a few weeks earlier Weyhing took the field to serve as an umpire when the scheduled ump fell ill.........1933 Joe Dimaggio's 61-game hitting streak comes to an end...while still a 19 year old playing for the PCL Oakland San Francisco Seals..........1948 - Babe Ruth makes his final public appearance, promoting the New York premier of The Babe Ruth Story. Ruth will pass away three weeks later (and we will honor that anniversary here)..........1962 - In one of the weirdest side-stories in baseball history, Gene Conley (pitcher) and Pumpsie Green (infielder) skip off the Boston Red Sox team bus stuck in rough traffic, in order to use the restroom. They completely disappear. Green returns a day later, but Conley is missing for three days, when he is next stopped while trying to board an airplane. To Israel. Conley lacks a visa. Conley will return to the Sox briefly, then jump to the NBA and play for the Celtics. Green will get traded to the Mets the next season and spend most of his time in the minors before retiring..........2012 - Carlos Gomez hits a very long foul ball and, embarrassingly, commences his home run trot. He watches a strike three meatball on the very next pitch.


Rounding Up The Major League News...

  • Waffles: Ok, shameless plug. Turner Field is introducing Waffle House as a ballpark eatery. Snarky comments ensue, as expected. Southern diets and all that. But...WAIT! I am here to tell you that Turner Field is actually on to something. About 2 miles from Anaheim Stadium, adjacent to Chapman University on Glassell St. in Orange, is a small joint sitting right on a corner known as Bruxie. Bruxie serves all manner of food...each on a waffle. This Orange location was their first and as soon as their doors opened for business they have been BLOWING...IT...OUT. 45 minute lines along the sidewalk are not unusual. Let me be the one to proclaim that a waffle stop in the stadium, along the lines of Bruxie, would alter stadium food FOREVER!!!
  • Never Enough Braun: I can only hope that when MLB cans Bartolo Colon, NMA at least matches the hilarious animation job they have done on Ryan Braun. For example, I hope they inject some snark about the bullshit impact he has had on the teams he has victimized. Further, why is Braun under a gag order??? By the way, while on the subject of Biogenesis, it's nice to know that MLB based their response on information from a guy who was, at the end of the day, an employee. I thought the basis of their lawsuit against Biogenesis was that they were harmed. How harmful could it have been if you volunteered to put the guy involved on your payroll?
  • Oh Shit Moment: I realize that I am not the first to think of this, but now that Ervin Santana has officially become the primary jewel of the 2013 trade market, what would be your reaction to Santana in Arlington???

Video Of The Week

(When the "sport" of falling down knocks the crap out of the sport of playing catch.)

(Trouble viewing the video? Direct link here. Another angle here.)


Sure it's dated, but I really like groovy graphs and charts, so here is the 2013 ASG, visualizing every pitch..........We've heard this about Oakland, but apparently AT&T Park is also the shits..........So THIS is what that FIFTH tool is supposed to look like..........Wait a second. Stadium lights at Anaheim Stadium are a design problem? Still? After 60 years nobody ever thought of fixing them?...........Ha! I will agree with the premise of this article...the same day that MLB dives into Latin America during winters..........Read this. Then sit back and think about the immense baseball acumen of Ted Williams, and spend your weekend in awe.


And now, being the full service weekend linkage institution that we are, here is the obligatory moment we take out of each Friday...for beer...

Friday: Hit Glendale and track down Red Carpet Wine for a Deschutes Brewery Beer & Food pairing event..........Bay area hop heads get over to The Trappist for their Summer Saison Takeover, which also runs Saturday.

Saturday: The Fairplex in LA is hosting something called Crab @ Beer30 Fest. As odd way of labeling a crab & beer shindig. I guess it's some sort of a national tour or something. I haven't figured it out.

Sunday: Wrap up the weekend in San Diego, there The Handlery Hotel is doing their own Beer & Food event, the BREW Rendezvous.

BEER BONUS #1: Hat tip tp eyespy, who comments: "Like you need more things moving while on the liquid." We give you...Beer Labels In Motion!

BEER BONUS #2: You probably already knew about this, right?

Stay safe, everyone!