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Angels Lose Drip By Drip to Athletics

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...Despite Trout spotting two runs in the first...

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports


Despite being spotted two runs by the Athletics courtesy of a J.B. Shuck bloop and a Mike Trout blast in the first inning off of Bartolo Colon, Jerome Williams let the little lead leak away.

When there were two on and one out in the ninth and Grant Balfour was on the mound, though, mighty Trout struck out.

Albert Pujols drove in two runs in the ninth off of Balfour with a double down the line, no wait, he is as gimpy as a great-grandfather and it was a single. But it scored two and Josh Hamilton struck out to end the game. Oh well.

Williams allowed one run in the first and three in the second. Michael Kohn didn't stop the bleeding and the Oakland Whatever it is named stadium got to play CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES instead of us.

The sight fo the night, though, was seeing Jow Blanton warm up in the bullpen. Comedy gold.