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OCR: Jerome Williams Will Start in Five Days

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Who needs a paywall when you got Twitter?!!?!!?!!?

No Other Options
No Other Options
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Fletcher of the paywall-enclosed Orange County Register tweeted (without cost) the saddest news...

There is is in black and white. Or pixels at least. Despite a wretched performance tonight in Oakland, Jerome Williams will be pitching for the Angels becasue the team has no depth. Oh sure, Jason Vargas could be coming back, but that isn't a sign of depth. Depth is when you bring up a number five starter from Triple A and he pitches like a number four or better. Jerome Williams was the opening day number seven starter for the Angels and he is now number four in the rotation.

They don't have any options.

Well, if you are ten eleven games out on the weekend before the trade deadline and you have no options but Jerome Williams and Garrett Richards in your rotation, guess what? It is time to sell.

Sell Scott Downs. Sell Alberto Callaspo. Sell Tommy Hanson. Sell Chris Iannetta. Dangle Erick Aybar, dangle Howie Kendrick, dangle Mark Trumbo. Sell Sell SELL. For the sake of 2014 and 2015 Sell. That is all.