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Week 16 Pregame Picks Results

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Week 16 Leader: steelgolf (1st)
Overall Leader: blast21dave (3 week streak)

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

The results for week 16 are here! Note that this week includes the games from last week that took place after the all-star break.

Weekly Leader: Steelgolf (12 points). Just barely beating out glausistheboss and LanaBanana who were left with 11 points... Find out the results here.

Overall Leader: In case you missed out on the collection thread... there was quite a flux in the leaders. But one thing was common across the weeks, there was always someone sharing the crown.

But this week! blast21dave can have the crown all to himself! Ant Fan who had held the top spot for 6 weeks, has fallen to 2nd, just 2 points behind. In 3rd are atlantangel and steelgolf.

The top 10 currently looks like this:

blast21dave 91
Ant Fan 89
atlantangel 86
steelgolf 86
rmhalofan 85
angelslogic 84
Im4kiss 83
bc56274 83
Eric in Portland 82
glausistheboss 82

The rest can be found here.