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Angels Blow Early 5-0 Lead, Apathy Abounds in Loss

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Do you care anymore?

Jason O. Watson

The Angels had an amazing first inning in Oakland on Sunday afternoon, scoring four runs and batting around, but within that inning there were glimmers of what is wrong with this offense, which would score only one more run in the game, one in which the pitching abandoned the grand cushion with which it had been bestowed.

Although J.B. Shuck walked to start off the game in which he was inexplicably the Designated Hitter, he flew out weakly with the bases loaded and two outs to end the inning. The other two outs in the frame were a fielder's choice by Mike Trout that eliminated Erick Aybar on the basepaths and would have been a double play save for Trout's speed. Of course a Josh Hamilton strike out had to be the other out. It just has to be that way.

The pitching, though, was atrocious. Tommy Hanson pitched into the fifth but allowed five Earned Runs on four Hits and Five Walks. Seven Strikeouts looks great except when there are five Walks. Jerry Dipoto made a waiver wire move to grab reliever J.C. Gutiérrez, who promptly showed the possible reason me was waived: four runs in 0.2 Innings Pitched. Kevin Jepsen made sure all his inherited baserunners scored and then let a few more A's join the party.

Joe Blanton pitched two scoreless innings of relief. Kole Calhoun, called up in place of the disabled Albert Pujols was 1 for 2 with two Walks but was overmatched in the field with an error. Hambone left three men in scoring position and seven men on base total. Shuck left five men on base. Trout was 1 for 4 with a walk, a strikeout and four men left on base. He also made a boneheaded run in from deep center in a ball Hamilton might have caught were he not impeded with his teammate's misguided enthusiasm.