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Series Preview: @ Texas Rangers

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After yesterday's baffling loss to the A's, the Angels pack their bags again and head to Rangers Ballpark in Arlington.

"Third...? Reaaaaaaaaaaaaally? OK!"
"Third...? Reaaaaaaaaaaaaally? OK!"

July 29 4:05pm, July 30 5:05pm, July 31 5:05pm

First game of this series is the marquee matchup. Up against Jered Weaver is the Rangers newest acquisition (they seem to always be making them these days), Matt Garza. Garza is coming over from the Chicago Cubs and has one Texas start under his belt. Of course it was a good one in which he beat up the Yankees across 7 1/2 innings with no earned runs. He intends to do the same to an Angels team that is now without Albert Pujols.

A little lefty-on-lefty action takes place on Tuesday when C.J. and Derek Holland go at it. C.J., along with Weaver, has been one of the few bright spots for the Angels lately. Since June 9, he's only lost one start and last time out against the Athletics, he went arguably farther than he should; however, he earned the win and that's the most important thing. Jerome Williams seeks to not be a Joe Blanton look-alike in the final game of this series. Maybe Joe Blanton has a voodoo doll?

With Albert Pujols now on the disabled list, Mike Trout has been promoted to third in the lineup and Josh Hamilton has shifted back into cleanup. Josh, there's a lot of cleaning to do. While Mark Trumbo is on track for a career-high number of home runs, he hasn't hit the ball considerably well to remain batting fourth. So of course Scioscia puts Josh back there to embarrass himself in front of Arlington's finest!

Probable SPs -- Jered Weaver / Matt Garza, C.J. Wilson / Derek Holland, Jerome Williams / Martin Perez

TV Schedule: As usual you can catch these games on FOX Sports West; however, ESPN will carry Monday's game as part of their Monday Night Baseball show. As far as I can tell, this is the final time that the Halos will be seen on ESPN this season. Timing is everything, right?

And we've got ourselves a little trade chatter!