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Angels Choke One Up to Talentless Texas

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Lookout Astros, its a race to the bottom!

Ronald Martinez

Final Score in Arlington: Angels 3, Rangers 4

Ernesto Frieri just ruined my postgame writeup celebrating Jered Weaver as someone to at least enjoy once every five Angels games.

But the Angels had the bases loaded with two out and Hank Conger made a weak out. A hit there would have helped.

It was on a night that Weaver had been masterful, mocking the desperate Texas batters with his mysterious selection of movement and cowhide spherical majestic spin, the pen blows it against the worst offense in the history of baseball including little leagues an teeball.

Seven innings pitched, five hits, one walk, one earned run and six strikeouts. That is what Weaver did in the A-Ball homer-haven that is Arlington Spitwad Homer Park. But Dane De La Rosa allowed another run int he eighth and then Frieri allowed a tying solo shot to A.J. Pierzynski and then a walk off home run to my television was muted and I don't care, some dude in a re-branded red jersey.