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Wednesday Angels Hot Hand Lineup

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Riding the Los Angeles Hot Hands of Anaheim!

Waitin' for the man...
Waitin' for the man...

Manager Mike Scioscia does not have the luxury of writing the name of Manny Ramirez into his lineup. Nor the albatrossian weight of it either.

He is managing to ride the hot hand of Hambone as cleanup hitter and slot The Trumbomber into the slap-happy singles-hitting sixth spot.

A King Conger sighting is good news for those who thought The Soth would never change his evil CERA ways.

Here then is what the Cardinals have to face tonight...

  1. J.B. Shuck LF
  2. Mike Trout CF
  3. Albert Pujols DH
  4. Josh Hamilton RF
  5. Howie Kendrick 2B
  6. Mark Trumbo 1B
  7. Alberto Callaspo 3B
  8. Hank Conger C
  9. Erick Aybar SS

On the mound for the Angels will be Jerome Williams. how many pitchers will have to stay injured for Jerome to keep his spot in the rotation? Each outing is a chance to show he belongs somewhere in slots numbered one through five in the Halo starting rotation.