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Angels Streak Ends Not With A Bang But With A Williams

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Bummer in the Summer


Final Score in Anaheim: Cardinals 12 Angels 2

Not only did the Angels lose 12-2, they burned through all of their potential long relievers and spot starters who will be needed sooner rather than later.

The Cards have kept the Halos scoreless in fifteen of the seventeen innings the teams have played in the first two games of this interleague series.

Here is a video of what if felt like to be an Angels fan tonight:

Watch the whole thing.

Hank Conger DID hit a two-run home run early enough in the defeat that it could be construed as a highlight. Hank also threw out a would-be-base-stealer at 3B. So you just know Chris Iannetta will be starting tomorrow night in Anaheim!

Just when things were getting exciting for the Angels one of the worst displays of pitching ever showed up. The buzz was out there in the crowd at Angel Stadium after a seven-game win streak but it fizzled in a seven-run second inning that pushed Jerome Williams out of consideration as a reliable starting pitcher just when everyone was relaxed as his struggles had abated and some solid appearances were stringing themselves together like this absurd run-on sentence.

Oakland and Texas both lost so there is your silver lining.