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Angels Season Low-Point: Trout Tweets 2 Bieber

..more devastating than the Blanton signing is Mike Trout tweeting to Justin Bieber...

No ipods in the dugout, thankfully...
No ipods in the dugout, thankfully...
Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

This season has not gone as expected. It has had many low points. But the lowest of them all happened early Tuesday morning, not on a baseball diamond but on twitter.

I have terrible news for Angels fans, Mike Trout is a Justin Bieber fan. It was on twitter tonight. Read it and weep...

Now... it is bad enough that the greatest player in an Angels uniform has terrible taste in music. But he is also planning for the offseason back home in Jersey... and doing it in public. But hey, aren't we all?



I guess Mark Trumbo's love of Black Sabbath is one side of the coin and this awful instance of the sublime loving the ridiculous has the tails of that tossed coin of musical aesthetics.

But the subtext of that tweet is clear... Mike Trout is planning his offseason. Will Justin Bieber be touring in New Jersey? Tweeting Bieber and planning for his winter back at home, oh dear.

First, nobody should blame him for being realistic - this Halo team is toast and if as fans we are all posting about next year well then Mike and the others should of course be expected to do the same.

But BIEBER? We are talking about an invented synthetic turd with Madonna's rejected disco background beats and tuneless synthesizer's celebrating pubescent voice-tweaks in a manner that hasn't been heard since Peter Brady sang "Time To Change".

Look if Mike Trout had tweeted this to Keith Richards, we could go 0-162 and I would have been satisfied with his performance. But now all of us have to live with a terrible paradox: The greatest baseball player of his generation enjoys, no even worse, he pursues, the apotheosis of greatness in culture.

What a world... what a world... what a world...