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WeekEnd HaloLinks: - July 5 - Welcome To The Jungle Edition

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Welcome to the jungle..........It gets worse here everyday..........Ya learn ta live like an animal..........In the jungle where we play..........If you got a hunger for what you see..........You'll take it eventually..........You can have anything you want..........But you better not take it from me

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Time to catch a break!!
Time to catch a break!!
Bob Levey


Welcome die-hards! Now I realize that it's the 5th of July, and most of you are holiday'ing it. Eyeballs shall be few this particular Friday. But for those of you who are far too addicted to stay away, it's only right that I still serve up the regular feast:


On To Angels Baseball!

  • Represent!: In case you have been missing it, here is your opportunity to have one particularly cool day. And if you did this in a Halos Heaven shirt peaking out from under the LAA Jersey they will hand you for the photo opp, well, so much the better. State Farm has been offering up a chance to throw out a first pitch, and the entry window closes July 22.
  • Trade Tears: With the July trade Deadline on the horizon, MLB Trade Rumors looks back a the 2012 trade season and reviews the list of prospects sent away by teams in search of the missing piece to put them into the playoffs. In their whole list, Jean Segura stands out. "Perhaps the biggest success story on this list, Segura is currently in the hunt for a batting title in the National League. He also has surprising pop and an outside chance at eventually becoming a 20-20 (HR-SB) hitter."
  • Tough Crowd: Albert Pujols, facing the one pitching and scouting staff that most probably knows his hitting strengths and weaknesses better than anyone, and possibly being a little jacked up facing his original team and many ex-mates for the first time, had a less than stellar series. The St. Louis media sees that outcome as the silver lining in their failed series.
  • Outfield Range: Our outfielders certainly have range! Fangraphs posted their update to the outfield tiers and we have Halos all over the place. Trout is #1 overall, in Tier 1 just above Chris Davis. Trumbo is in Tier 3. Hamilton is in Tier 4. J.B. Shuck? Uh...Tier 8. Above only Jason Bay, J.D. Martinez and Josh Willingham.
  • Scott Downs: Downs has not allowed an earned run now in 31 of his last 32 outings. And in each of his last 23 appearances he has held the opposition scoreless.

Buy Stuff - Crazy-ass Baseball Find On the Internet:

Anybody out there wish to own their very own in-game used baseball from the AL Pennant winning game between the Angels and Twins? Totally authenticated. You could buy this, or you could purchase for yourself a decent used car.


Friday, July 5 @ 7:05 PM, (FS-W / MLB.TV) Boston Red Sox vs. LA Angels - Angels Stadium, Anaheim


Felix Doubrant (LHP) 4-3 4.22 ERA versus C.J.Wilson (LHP) 8-5 3.63 ERA


Saturday, July 6 @ 7:05 PM, (FS-W / MLBN / MLB.TV) Boston Red Sox vs. LA Angels - Angels Stadium, Anaheim


Ryan Dempster (RHP) 5-8 4.11 ERA versus Jerome Williams (RHP) 5-4 3.89 ERA


Sunday, July 7 @ 5:05 PM, (ESPN / MLB.TV) Boston Red Sox vs. LA Angels - Angels Stadium, Anaheim


John Lackey (RHP) 6-5 2.81 ERA versus Jered Weaver (RHP) 2-4 3.79 ERA


Why Saturday's starter cannot be figured out as close as 2:00 am on the Friday morning before, I shall never know. Lackey versus Weaver should be fun, except for Lackey's 4-1 success pitching against the Halos.

**UPDATE** Jerome Williams has been named as tomorrow's starter. It must have taken a few days for the shock of Wednesday to wear off to the extent that anybody could muster the balls to pencil in Williams' name once again.


This Date In Baseball History: 1898 - Elizabeth Stroud, playing under the pseudo-name of Lizzie Arlington, becomes the first woman to play organized baseball. She pitches a single scoreless inning, surrendering two hits and a walk..........1929 - The New York Giants, playing the Pittsburgh Pirates in the Polo Grounds, are the first team to try and use a P.A. system. But it's not for what you think! They were actually trying to wire up the umpiring crew so that the crowd could hear the calls..........1947 - Larry Doby, at the very young age of only 22, takes his bat and makes the very first appearance in the American league by a black man. He strikes out in his only PA, but goes on to have a very productive career, landing tihe HoF. Take a closer look at the year he came in 2nd place in the AL MVP Vote of 1954, where Yogi Berra somehow exploits the MFY factor in a way that Mickey Mantle cannot, and steals the win..........1953 - When men were men, Robin Roberts (who will finish his career with 305 complete games) shuts out the Pirates 2-0 and finishes his 28th consecutive complete game. Check out the number of "CG" entries starting on August 28th in the "Inngs" column here in 1952, .........through July 5th here in 1953. That June 16th, 1953 game on 1 day rest was as a reliever...........1987 - Rookie Mark McGwire hits his 30th home run, become the first rookie with 30 before the ASG Break (he'll actually hit 33)..........1989 - Veteran Mark McGwire hits his 100th career home run............2002 - Ted Williams dies of cardiac arrest a the age of 83. The world won't be told for almost three weeks.


Rounding Up The Major League News...

Video(s) Of The Week

(SoCal does pretty good at paper airplanes!)

(But not as good as Milwaukee!)


I think that Jeffrey Loria should bet everything, on this Jeff Mathis prospect guy!............This I just don't get. it's taboo for a pitcher to celebrate closing down frame to seal a win, but it's OK for everybody to party like they just won the WS if they win in their last at-bat, even if that last at-bat win comes due to an error on the defense..........Contact the State Department: .Pine Tar Diplomacy..........This is why thoughts of Sosh returning to the Dodgers are off the mark. In Mike's world, there is no such thing as youth over veteran grit. That's just crazy Mike Piazza talk..........MLB decides to get tough on drugs....on an umpire. But this smells like the kind of story that does not end well...........Surprise! Derek Holland is a Ranger jerk..........A Major lesson on the skill and impact of framing pitches. It's all about the umpire. Read it. Learn..........So now we are claiming that players who make an All Star roster must be there because they have "earned" it? Really??


And now, being the full service weekend linkage institution that we are, here is the obligatory moment we take out of each Friday...for beer...

(This weekend does not hold for dedicated beer events. But fear not! There are plenty of events going down where beer shall be served. How the hell do I find these things???)

Friday: Hanford (west of Visalia, between the 99 and 5 on highway 198..I know this because I was just there last week!) is home to The King's Fair. It's Friday, Saturday AND Sunday, by the way...........The Westwood Area Chamber of Commerce, on Friday AND Saturday, is staging The Westwood Centennial and 25th Annual Paul Bunyan Mountain & Blues Fest.

Saturday: Get lost. Find Highway 4 and stumble into the small resort town of Arnold, CA. You have will have discovered the Sierra Nevada Arts & Crafts Festival. Saturday AND Sunday...........OR, trip on out to San Juan Capistrano for the first of a Tribute Band series that lasts until Labor Day. It all happens at the Mission and is labeled Music Under The Stars.

Sunday: Pismo Beach Art in the Park continues on............And we wrap up with the Vallejo Jazz Society Concert at the Bay Terrace Theater in Vallejo, CA.

BEER BONUS #1: Baseball Brews.

BEER BONUS #2: Deadspin ranks 36 cheap American beers. Probably a few in your fridge right now.

Stay safe, everyone!