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Angels Chowdslurping Lineup

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The pink-hat bandwagon and their Francona-For-Life jerseys pulls into the Big A for a three game chowdathon

Chew all you want.
Chew all you want.

Let's kick some Red Sox Ass, shall we?

Tongiht's lineup:

  1. Not Reggie Willits, no it is J.B. Shuck LF
  2. Starting All Star outfielder is not Jacoby Pillsbury it's Mike Trout CF
  3. No introduction needed Albert Pujols DH
  4. Back at Cleanup Mark Trumbo 1B
  5. Future Batting Champion, and actually maybe this year, Howie Kendrick 2B
  6. The Return of the Skoal Bandit, Josh Hamilton RF
  7. (I saw my third base man gettin') Sloppy Alberto Callaspo 3B
  8. Old Blue Eyes Chris Iannetta C
  9. The Original Rally Dog Erick Aybar SS

And Mister Dairy-Free Straight-Edge himself, C.J. Wilson on the mound.