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Angels Too Pooped To Papi

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Plop Plop Fizz Fizz Oh What A Disaster This Defense Is...

Stephen Dunn

Final Score in Anaheim: Red Sox 6 Angels 2

I'm C.J. Wilson - When I am not nibbling around the plate to push my pitch count to astronomical levels I am starting innings off with a quick baserunner to justify my nibbling around the strike zone.

I'm Josh Hamilton - Weren't that funny when that ball popped outta my glove! Shore-in-tootin' Dadgum ball floating into no-man's land but I am the man and you gotta call it No-Glove Land - get it, har har har.

I am Alberto Callaspo - Try to catch the ball I throw so high.

I'm Chris Iannetta - Hey look at how pretty that guy's curveball is there, I think I will just sit back and watch it, wow, groovy man.

I'm J.B. Shuck - Lower your damn expectations.

I'm Dane De La Rosa - Mike Sciosica loooooooves me.

I'm Scott Downs - I gotta get me some dagburn sandpaper and rub the slivers offa this here bench, not doing nothin' else no how.

The Red Sox got lucky on a lot of Angels miscues, BFD, they are not that great. Chowd Nation can bite us. Good night.