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Trumbo Benched - Sunday Angels Lineup

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ESPN Sunday Game First Pitch is at 5:05 PM

Kama Sutra, Baby!
Kama Sutra, Baby!
Stephen Dunn

Mark Trumbo had a chance to win the game in the bottom of the ninth last night and instead struck out swinging in an embarrassing whifforama. His recent mini-slump has gotten hims some pine tonight, and with tough righty John lackey on the mound, why not take a breather which will account for two days off with the travel day to Chicago tomorrow, right? Right!

Instead of Albatross McCartilage in the field we get The Hawpster at the Trumbo Sack instead. Okay, here it is, the Soth's lineup in all of its glory...

J.B. Shuck LF

Mike Trout CF

Albert Pujols DH

Josh Hamilton RF

Howie Kendrick 2B

Alberto Callaspo 3B

Brad Hawpe 1B

Hank Conger C

Erick Aybar SS

And on the mound is Jered Weaver. Lackey versus Weaver is about as marquee matchup as it gets in Anaheim. They script movies on this sort of thing. Othere than Scott Downs and Billy Buckner, every reliever pitched last night so it is up to the Weave to slice through the Chowd lineup on fewer pitches.