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Halos Heaven Vegas All Star Week Itinerary

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...this is what we are doing, when we are doing it, come for a day, come for the whole party...

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...your bankroll could be going faster just staying home...
...your bankroll could be going faster just staying home...

Every year Halos Heaven gets together in Las Vegas for the All Star Game. We watch the Home Run Derby and the All Star Game at a big Casino sportsbook and we carouse around different parts of the town. Some of us drink a lot and others who don't drink remember what happened the next day. Some of us gamble and some of us slowly walk away as the money drains out of the wallets of our good friends. Some of us eat like pigs while others eat like horses, iguanas and other exotic wikipedia animals. But all of us have a good time!

This is your invite, show up to any and all of these events, look for the crew in Halos Gear and introduce yourself! We are a friendly bunch and do not bite. Read an overview of our Vegas All Star Week Tradition LINKED HERE and check our guide to value downtown Vegas hotel rates LINKED HERE.

Sunday July 14

8:30 PM - Miniature Golf Tournament - KISS Miniature Golf Course - Read the YELP reviews, we will ask for rigorous score-keeping as there will be a prize for the best scores! It will set you back a few bucks but you can be a cheapskate or you can have fun. Meet at 7 PM and divide into groups and then we rock and roll all night (I could quote from other Kiss songs, don't test me).

LADYBUG has found a $3-off coupon for the KISS Course for those of you on a budget: CLICK HERE

11:30 PM - Beer & Cigars - Benny's Bulpen at Binion's Casino - okay back downtown we are gonna try this new joint out. If you don't like Beer or cigars, meet up here and wander about the old gambling hall until we decide if Downtown needs any carousing...

Monday July 15

Noon - Late Breakfast and Scavenger Hunt - Hash-House-a-Go-Go at the Plaza Casino - This is the one downtown, not on the strip. We meet at Noon, be on time so they will seat our party, we will pig out (portions here are huge) and then we will divide into teams for the annual Scavenger Hunt - when we meet up for the HomeRun Derby later that afternoon will your team have scavenged Las Vegas?

5 PM - Home Run Derby - Caesars Palace Casino Sports Book - Get here in time to make a bet on who will win this year's HR Derby and hang out with your fellow Angels fans in the SportsBook watching the derby

11 PM - Late Snack / Dessert - El Cortez Coffee shop - You will not go broke getting full at this casino eatery located in the El Cortez Casino in beautiful Downtown Las Vegas.

Tuesday July 16

1 PM: PIG OUT BUFFET!!! No we will not be having a competitive eating contest. We will however be celebrating redfloyd's recent colonoscopy at the Man Street Station Garden Buffet. I am sure Ladybug will fins us good coupons. If you join the casino's winner's club you get a slightly better price. This buffet is considered the best value buffet in all of Vegas - it is not the ritziest but instead of paying $35 for a strip buffet you get great choices, a wide selection and save lots of dough! LINK TO THE BUFFET

5 PM - All Star Game - The Mirage Casino Sports Book - Bet on the game and hang out with the stylish Angels fans cheering on Mike Trout as a starting outfielder for the American League. Watch Jim Leyland do something radical and put Trout in the leadoff spot. Crazy!

Remember the year the All Star Game went extra innings? We were in Vegas and learned the hard way not to plan any postgame events. Suffice to say, we will carouse the Vegas Strip with our winnings!

Wednesday July 17

2 PM - Pinball Hall of Fame - LINK - We will have a pinball tournament to determine who on this site is, in fact, a Pinball Wizard. This outing will cost you three dollars and you will have more fun than is humanly possible. Reigning champion Mayhem may walk barefoot to Vegas from his condo in Tustin to defend his crown.

8 PM: - Annual Penny Slot Tournament - as Downtown Vegas gets cleaned up, some of the old Halos Heaven Haunts have disappeared. We lost our annual Dollar Craps tournament when the Western Hotel closed its doors. Now the terrible news that the Gold Spike casino has shut down has dumbfounded every last degenerate gambler on this site. We play for the Penny Slot Crown at the Four Queens Hotel - look around for Angels jerseys clumped around the cheap seats - Will YesWeCan fly in from New York to reclaim his crown?

Thursday July 18

To be determined - Impromptu kickstarter-campaign for bail money will be posted here of necessary.