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Josh Hamilton Walk Off Home Run in Angels Lore

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The 103rd Walk Off Home Run in Angels Franchise History beat the Red Sox Saturday night

...hugs even thought DDLR got the W...
...hugs even thought DDLR got the W...
Stephen Dunn

Josh Hamilton's first walk off home run as an Angel was the 103rd in franchise history. Here are some facts about it:

Josh became the 63rd Angels player to hit a walk off home run for the team. The hit was the 96th WOHR hit at Angel Stadium. Four were hit at Chavez Ravine and three at old LA Wrigley field during the 1961 season.

Mike Trout led off the bottom of the eleventh inning with a strikeout looking. Brad Hawpe had been brought into the game as a defensive replacement for Albert Pujols. Pujols had driven in the first two of four runs in the amazing two-out rally in bottom of the ninth. Hawpe was suddenly at-bat and the Miek Scioscia haters were catcalling... until Hawpe hit a single.

Since Craig Breslow had struck out Trout, it was not rocket science to keep him in against Hamilton. Hambone's numbers against lefties are not pretty. The double play was in order and Breslow grooved a slider in for the first pitch.

It landed in section 240.

Angels fans want to love Josh Hamilton and shoving a bat into the fat mouth of Chowd Nation is high on the list of how to make an Angels fan love you.

Of the 103 Angels walk off home runs, only 38 have been hit by Left Handed Batters and only 26 have come off of Left Handed pitchers. Hamilton;s was one of five by a Lefty bat off a Lefty on the mound - the others were Darin Erstad, Jim Edmonds, Ruppert Jones and Reggie Jackson.