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Angels Fall to Wrigley Juggernaut

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To quote H.C.: CUBS WIN, CUBS WIN!!!

Brian Kersey

Final Score in Wrigleyville: L.A. of Anaheim 2, Cubs 7

Joe Blanton allowed six runs in five innings.

The Angels actually brought up the tying run with two outs in the top of the seventh inning.

The bases were left loaded in that instance.

Joe Blanton, oh wait I already wrote about his terrible performance.

Albert Pujols hit a two-run homer.

Pujols also tried to stretch a single into a double and was throw out by, like, oh from Mister Toad's Wild Ride to Snow White at Disneyland.

Michael Kohn came in and gave up a solo home run so that Blanton wouldn't feel so bad.

Michael Roth pitched a scoreless inning - hey, hey, silver lining!

The Angels had six hits and, wait a minute... the box score says Blanton had one of them, wow. Coulda fooled me, although Angels innings were going by so fast it was like if you hit the toilet at the end of an inning, Angels batter were up to the plate and back to the dugout so fast you woulda sworn they were those pirates in the Pirates of the Caribbean Disneyland ride who are chasing the girls with plates of food, running around in circles forever but never quite catching them. Oh wait, maybe that is a different metaphor.