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Luis Jimenez Up, Chris Nelson to DL, No Trumbo in Lineup

STOP! ... Hamstring time...

...and POP!
...and POP!
Al Messerschmidt

Late in Wednesday's game against the Rays, Angels 3B Chris Nelson pulled a hamstring running to 1B on a groundout. Nice hustle but POP goes the hammy.

3B Luis Jimenez was recalled from AAA Salt Lake City where he was batting .284 with a .747 OPS for a 69-70 club. He would likely have been a September call up, but in being here on Thursday instead of Sunday he gets a major league paycheck instead of a minor league one on the 1st!

Jimenez got three hours of sleep after yesterday's game and his redeye flight to St. Petersburg (really, I read it on twitter - imagine the lengths Scioscia will go to in order to avoid using Andrew Romine). He is in the starting lineup as the Angels play a getaway game in Tampa Bay this morning - first pitch is at 10:10 AM. The only reason I am up to type the lineup is some telemarketer woke me up with a ringing nuisance. Anyway, here is Mike's caffeine lineup:

J.B. Shuck RF

Erick Aybar SS

Mike Trout LF

Josh Hamilton DH

Kole Calhoun 1B

Hank Conger C

Grant Green 2B

Luis Jimenez 3B

Peter Bourjos CF

...and Jason Vargas is on the hill, knowing full well that he is not giving this club a free agency discount.