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Angels' Next Manager: Day 3: An In-House Battle

Our next two combatants are both already in the organization--but who deserves more of a look?

Butch isn't the only one sleeping like a baby...
Butch isn't the only one sleeping like a baby...
Stephen Dunn

Two matches in, and the vibes from this tournament are still riding high.

Our first quarterfinals match has been set, as Omar Vizquel defeated Tim Wallach by a vote of 46-27 (63% to 37%) yesterday, and will face Braves pitching coach Roger McDowell in the first quarterfinals match.

Moving on, though, we face a battle of two Angels coaches: one major league, one minor league. One has been with the team as long as Mike Scioscia, the other just finishing his first season as a minor league manager (a very successful one at that). Let's get this battle raging on!


Alfredo Griffin is the Angels' first base coach and has also worked with the team's fielding ever since joining Mike Scioscia's coaching staff. He is the only remaining coach from Scioscia's original staff, the rest having either been fired or moved on to other jobs. Like the previous winner Vizquel, he is also working with infielder Grant Green on his fielding. His demeanor is more fiery than that of Scioscia, and could possibly be the missing ingredient for an Angels team that is inevitably going to grow younger. However, could the fact that he is the last link to the onset of Scioscialism be a bad omen if he becomes manager?

Tim Bogar is currently the manager of the AA Arkansas Travelers. After a nine-year playing career with the Mets, Astros and Dodgers, Bogar became continual fodder in managerial talks. After missing out on the Red Sox' managerial opening--twice--while serving as their first base coach, he jumped to the Angels to manage Arkansas. He and Travs pitching coach Mike Hampton were hired simultaneously, giving the impression that the front office was sending a message to the team's major league Mikes (Scioscia and Butcher). Could Bogar finally get his first managerial opportunity with the Angels? When prospects such as Mark Sappington, Taylor Lindsey and Kaleb Cowart reach the bigs, could their Arkansas manager be just the guy to lead the team back to the promised land?

Vote below, discuss below, and let's keep this thing going strong!