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Angels Lose to Astros Yet Again.

I picked a good night to miss an Angels telecast. Did you?

Howie's Front.
Howie's Front.
Bob Levey

Do we even need to look at the box score? It feels so good to choose another option and be rewarded by missing out on misery. Part of me doesn't want to know. Okay, Let's look at the box score; the written record that, like all the records of the games that occurred before you were born, will live on for generations...

Hey look - Jason Vargas saw his free agent price plummet... of course, would we want him? Nine earned runs and not even getting out of the fifth inning. P.U. - Nine hits but at least there was no walks and four strikeouts, but come on Jay Vee, this be the Astros.

Hey look, we were up two-zip and then later up 4-3. Down 9-3 we make it 6-9, cool. Not.

Maybe the best news was that Howie Kendrick was 2 for 5 in his first action on the field in more than a month. He did leave five men on base, I don't even want to look too deep and see exactly how that happened. There is more, there is less, there is the box score looming until our solar system is swallowed by a black hole years and years from now. Not eternity but the next worst thing.