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Vladimir Guerrero Retires After 16 Years

The 2004 American League MVP and Angel favorite retires after battling knee issues.

Stephen Dunn

After not playing in a major league ballgame since 2011 with the Orioles, Vladimir Guerrero is retiring. The versatile right-handed slugger is citing knee issues as the cause to halt his potential comeback.

Guerrero signed with the Montreal Expos in 1993 as a free agent and made his debut in 1996 for them, spending a total of eight years there. He then put his faith with Arte Moreno and signed with the Anaheim Angels (5-yrs, $70m) where he quickly became a favorite among the fans in Anaheim. In his first season at The Big A, Guerrero earned the American League Most Valuable Player Award, beating out Gary Sheffield and Manny Ramirez.

Not only did Vlad win the AL MVP. He also won the Home Run Derby in 2007, joining Wally Joyner and Garrett Anderson as the only Halos to do so. He was an All-Star nine times (four with the Angels). Also, Vladdy amassed eight Silver Slugger Awards.

After the 2009 season that resulted in an ALCS loss to the New York Yankees, Guerrero jumped ship to the Texas Rangers. Then he finished out his final major league stint with the Baltimore Orioles in 2011.

JustJDawg's Take: I for one am very proud of the career that Vlad had. From the get-go in Anaheim he quickly became my favorite player. When I attended a Yankees-Angels game back in August 2007 at the old Yankee Stadium, I purposely got tickets in right field so I could see Vlad; however, I got Juan Rivera instead. That didn't bother me since I was able to see him warmup and make massive throws. All I have to say is, thanks Vladdy.