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Angels Do The Dozens, Slaughter Oakland 12-1

In a hopeful preview of 2014, the Angels cakewalk over the A's.

Los Atleticos indeed...
Los Atleticos indeed...
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Final Score in Oakland: Angels 12 Athletics 1

Where the heck was this team in April-May-June-July-August?

The only disappointment tonight was that C.J. Wilson did not get a complete game shutout.

All kinds of stuff happened in this game, all of it good. Wilson had six strikeouts in seven innings pitched and threw first pitch strikes so often that telecaster Mark Gubicza noticed it. Although he walked three batters, it was without his customary nibbling, winning his 17th game of the season. Cory Rasmus and Robert Coello mopped up in easy relief.

Mike Trout, Mark Trumbo and Kole Calhoun had three RBI apiece. Trout hit his 24th home run and Trumbo hit his 34th, each a two-run jack deep into Mount Davis in the eighth inning when the game was already funny, turning it into a huge laugher.

The Salt Lake Bees lost the PCL championship on Saturday night and 48 hours later, Tommy Field, Efren Navarro, Coello and John Hester all saw action in the game together. Colin Cowgill and Grant Green were Bees this season for a few games and they came in late as replacements too!

Now Oakland will have to contend with the ghost of Al Davis, awoken late in the game when Trout's home run smacked off the glass of his luxury suite in deep centerfield. We'll see if this is a curse or not...