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Angels Lose Squeaker in Oaktown

Walk-Off single was as predictable as the tide.

Striking out with the bases loaded late in a tie game is not the way to go thru life...
Striking out with the bases loaded late in a tie game is not the way to go thru life...
Thearon W. Henderson

Final Score in Oakland: Athletics 2, Angels 1

Mike Trout looked lonely out there as the walk off single sailed into an empty outfield. Wonder if he feels that way in the Angels clubhouse?

Tied 1-1 in the bottom of the ninth inning, the Angels turned to Michael Kohn and he gave up a hit and walked two (one intentionally) and gave up another hit - the walk-off game winner. I don't know who hit it, some bearded Oakland Athletic - this team is like the faceless stadium rocker bands of the late 70s - Styx, Foghat, Journey, Foreigner, Kansas, Boston, Supertramp - they have the multi-platinum place in the standings but nobody can name the lead singer.

Anyway, it wasn't the worst game in history as the 2014 rotation got a boost - Garrett Richards pitched seven innings of one-run ball, scattering two walks and seven hits, but striking out six and leaving with the feeling that if signing Joe Blanton ends up costing Jerry Dipoto his job, ha ha so be it.

But the bats were not the bats tonight. Hambone left six men on base on a 1 for 4 night, Howie struck out three times and even though Mike Trout hit a monster solo home run in the first, his 25th of the season (and he became the first player to ever hit that many and do this, that and the other, god every night another boring first time in history feat, yawn), he did strand three baserunners.

If there was ever a perfect illustration of why Trout should bat leadoff it was apparent in the top of the ninth inning when the #1 and #2 hitters, J.B. Shuck and Howie Kendrick, each struck out. You want a great hitter to bat leadoff because it ensures he will get more Plate Appearances. So there was Trout, so near yet so far away, in the on deck circle and as useful there to the Angels as the Peanut Vendor in the O Colleseum cheap seats.