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Collin Cowgill, Grant Green lead 6-5 Angel Victory on Elimination Night

Grant Green doubled with the bases loaded driving in 3, and Collin Cowgill made himself pretty popular with home plate by scoring 3 times, as the Angels bested the Mariners 6 - 5 on Season Elimination Night 2013.

Lisa Blumenfeld

Delighted to celebrate the formal elimination from any further contention in The Year of Our Suffering 2013, The Los Angeles Angels Still of Anaheim put forth their future onto the field of play and sat back to enjoy the extension of their recent domination. They are now 21 wins against 6 losses since August 21st...9 and 2 over the last 11.

Aybar, Calhoun, Trout, Trumbo and Kendrick pretty much took the night off at the plate, but Cowgill, Green and Andrew Romine went a combined 4 for 8 with 4 runs scored and 5 runs driven in.

Up on the mound, Jerome Williams was rolling 5's, managing to navigate 5 2/3's innings and yielded only 1 earned run while surrendering 5 hits and 5 walks to go with his 5 strikeouts. When he left for the night the Halos were up 5-1. And then we buckled up and gripped our arm chairs while our future relief pitching slowly frittered away that comfortable lead and allowed the M's to creep back to within a single run. Meet the new bullpen. Just like the old bullpen.

So now it's official, folks. R.I.P. LA Angels 2013. Now let's enjoy watching our Spring Training roster beat up on Major League teams. We can all relax now, and let the speculation begin!