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Week 24 - Penultimate Pregame Picks Weekly Results

Weekly Leader - scottnak
Overall Leader - Ant Fan, LanaBanana

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

There is only ONE more week left in the season, while the Angels season is over... the race for the Halos Heaven Pregame Picks Crown is still hot!!

Daily results for this week:
149 | 150 | 151 | 152 | 153 | 154

Weekly results were scarce in terms of points... and scottnak (me!) was able to squeak by with 6 points. A good 5 other people were able to scrape up 5 points for the week. Full results are here.

Overall Results now has Ant Fan and previous lone-star leader LanaBanana are tied for the lead with 8 games to go! Not to be left out of the question are blast21dave and angelslogic who are only 2 points off the lead. In 5th place is Eric In Portland, but is 7 points off the pace for first.

Top 10 looks like the following.

Ant Fan 141
LanaBanana 141
blast21dave 139
angelslogic 139
Eric in Portland 134
steelgolf 129
scottnak 128
joeyz34 125
max peter 123
Chone's Chonies 122
atlantangel 122
glausistheboss 122

Full results are here.

As you may have already noticed, from this point on, specific results will NOT be displayed for the last week's worth of games. Enjoy the last week of games