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Angels Lose, .500 Now Impossible

Calhoun and Romine had four of the team's eight hits in case you wondering how pathetic the team was tonight.

Rick Yeatts

The Angels lost their 82nd game Saturday night in Arlington and this assures them of their second losing season in the past ten years.

Meanwhile the Rangers remain one game out of the Wild Card race with two games to play and two more games against the Halos. Mike Scioscia handed them the game on a silver platter when started a major league baseball game with Collin Cowgill in the lineup. But the weak/wimpy Texas lineup had to take advantage of C.J. Wilson on an off night rocking the red jersey but throwing baseballs that had not been rubbed up with pregame mud - an actual ritual that is the responsibility of the umpires. Not doing this properly would of course help alter the results of a baseball game and far be it from me to accuse the umpires of being on the take, but they were probably paid to skew the results in favor of the Rangers and making sure that the curve/slider-heavy repertoire of Wilson was challenged was the easiest way. Crooked umpires, but working for whom?

Full transcript of CJ's postgame comments (LINK) were published on a Texas website, probably to show off that someone in Texas knows how to write and read but read it and weep for fairness and sportsmanship in that braggart state of backward culture, mouth-breathing voters and subpar Kansas-envy barbecue.

This is not sour grapes, you can bet that next season the Tim Donaghies of the world will be as equally inclined to give the Angels a freebie or two while Bud Selig's history is rewritten as a positive legacy. This is the part of the story where the hayseed sportswriters in Texas turn the attention of the article to concussions in football and I say goodnight. Goodnight!