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Rangers Sweep Arte's Angels to End Pathetic Season

An eminently winnable finale is so stupidly mismanaged the a division foe reaps the fiscal and spychological benefits of a tiebreaking game at their stadium Monday.

Sarah Glenn

Arte Moreno's self-inflicted luxury tax terrors are just beginning.

This was a gutless chokeathon four game series made worse by the stupid decision to start Jered Weaver on Wednesday in Anaheim in a game that did not matter. But of the hundred lousy decisions that the Angels have fumbled thru in the past few weeks, listing them in a hierarchy was rendered moot by everyone associated with this organization giving up.

Has Mike Scioscia gone so passive-aggressive toward Jerry Dipoto that his decision to regularly bring in J.C. Gutierrez to critical games is a middle finger salute to Dipoto picking up a scrapheap pitcher for the back-end of the bullpen? (by the way I will not call "Juan" as he has requested because he has not done a damn thing to make that anything but an insult to the millions of good Juans out there) There is no other explanation, Mike is a Sciosciopath.

The game was winnable but the season is over and there is little to gain by rehashing it, 4-15 against the Rangers should be the END of Mike Scioscia. Finito. I hope they pull a Lane Kiffin and pull mike and his coaching staff of the team bus, fire them and leave them to soak in their own juices on a lonely Dallas-Fort Worth tarmac.

Can you just picture Mike Butcher on a freeway offramp with a cardboard sign that reads "Will advise you on changing speeds for money"... HA !!!

Meanwhile Ron Washington probably won't get fired so HA HA there is that.