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Fade to Rays - Angels Spread The Stink Around


Harry How

Final Score in Anaheim: Rays 7 Angels 1

Joe Blanton had not pitched in weeks but in he came in a 6-1 game and even the great Blutonian loser gave up a run - and while it was not the most significant run of the season it kind of epitomized 2013. It was a Wild Pitch and Chris Iannetta sort of felt around for it near his knee after it missed his glove. Then he swirled the glove in a wider swoosh to grab the ball. He looked a little miffed that his blind man's bluff with the keychain was not a routine sling of the thing. And he puttered around for it a little more and this time actually made the effort to look for the ball. Well as the man on 3B knew, it had ricocheted far away from Iannetta and even the lazy sloth that is Blantana The Bad gesticulated that the ball was "over there".

Well of course the runner is now way down the line and the only reason he hasn't already touched home is that he is waiting for a ball-less Iannetta (see what I did there) to get out of his way. OF course, far be it form Blanton to be anywhere near the plate in any of this. And so the seventh run scored.

But remember when Jerry Dipoto traded Tyler Chatwood to the Rockies for Iannetta? Recall that Mike Scioscia has the aura of privilegeing the role of the catcher as the core component of a well-oiled team.

Well throw it out the window. Chatwood would be our #3 starter, Scioscia catching nemesis Mike Napoli is going to the playoffs and the hole is getting dug deeper. For every alleged hard core fan who roots for losses so that the Angels to get a better draft pick, the damage being done to the foundation of the franchise should be disturbing if not downright repugnant.