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2013 Pregame Picks FINAL RESULTS Thread

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Week 25 Leader: Chone's Chonies
Overall Winner: Read Below!

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Well, the season is finally over. And lets be honest, while the Angels did not have much this season to look forward to...

We still had 180 unique HHers come by and try out the pregame picks at least once, scoring a total of 5705 points. 43 of those participated in 50% of the games, and 29 faithful HHers coming by and logging in their pregame picks at least once every week.

At least the race for the pregame picks was down to the wire.

But first! Week 25's Results:
155 | 156 | 157 | 158 | 159 | 160 | 161 | 162

Chone's Chonies gets the last 2013 Weekly Pregame Picks Winner by scoring a cool 10 points.
A summarized result of the last week can be found here.

different people had the honor of holding the top spot for this race... as you can see here:


When all was said and done... the winner of the 2013 Halos Heaven Pregame Picks is...

Ant Fan!

LanaBanana grabs the silver, just 2 points behind.

blast21dave gets the bronze, another 2 points behind.

angelslogic misses the podium by a single point

Eric in Portland is in 5th to wrap up the Top 5.

Full results can be found here.

Thanks to everyone who participated, I hope these games gave you some enjoyment through this season....

Please leave any comments, suggestions, complaints, complements, ideas below!