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Cowgill Big Hit Delivers Angels Win

In Spring, this was the team I thought we'd see more of...

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

When Collin Cowgill gets the big hit of the night, what can you say but ...well alright! When he gets it off of David Price to get the scoring started and his bases-clearing blast holds up as the difference you just gotta say... Baseball!

Jerome Williams had the smooth magic thru 6.1 innings pitched and the bullpen closed the door on the sputtering Rays.

Mike Trout was picked off base by Price and then the inning exploded. Weird, huh? Yeah. Ernesto Frieri had a 1-2-3 non-save ninth inning. It was like a tease of the team that they were supposed to be.

They split the four game series with the Rays in Anaheim.

Jose Mota asked Cowgill what he attributes hitting lefties so well too and Cowgill just talked about "team effort". And he did it with a full-on Deliverance banjo accent. Yee-haw!

The stadium was 80% empty by the way. September sees Arte singing that sing to the fans, calling US "Buttercup" we built him up and now we let him down. Better luck next year, maybe use tonight as a blueprint.