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Foul Ball Faces

There's always a story going on when a foul ball enters the seats, sometimes we have to go find them.

This past week, a picture of some Red Sox fans scrambling for a foul ball circled the internet. It was a funny picture of a group of people making goofy faces while attempting to either catch, or get out of the way of a foul ball. While looking at the picture, I found myself becoming interested in the lives, or I should say, the possible lives of the fans caught in this moment in time:

  1. Rhonda had run out of money, but she was still hungry. Thankfully, someone was throwing treats into the stands!
  2. It had always been difficult to predict when Steve's LSD would kick in, but when it did, yeehaw...trippin' balls!
  3. Grandma Sue couldn't remember where she was, but she did remember that time she went camping when she was 12 years-old. Uncle Clark hit her over the head with a log. Uncle Clark turned out to be kind of a douchebag.

  1. Tony often wondered why the other kids at school beat him up.
  2. Rex was mad he was missing the sale at Holister.
  3. Life had gotten kind of rough for Sally after Peppy ran off with the cat from next door.

  1. Steve couldn't understand how he lost his job the next week after failing his drug test. They take steroid abuse very seriously at the post office.
  2. He did receive a nice gift basket the next day however.

  1. WTF? No, seriously...WTF??

  1. Hipster Betty wanted everyone to see the nice handbag she picked up on sale at Claire's New & Used on Sullivan Ave. Originally priced at $124.99, she "absolutely stole it" for $99.99!

  1. It didn't matter that Timmy went out and got a new tattoo the very next day, the guys at the skate shop still thought he was gay.
  2. "Nothing much. Just hanging out at the ballgame."


1 & 2. It had always been hard to impress Bill and Dorothy.