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Mister Holland's Chokus - Angels Crush Rangers 8-3

The Texas Rangers are shriveling in September like a steroided testicle versus the Angels.

Lisa Blumenfeld

Final Score in Anaheim: Angels 8 Rangers 3

Instead of choking in the World Series like they did in 2010 and 2011, or in the final week of the season like they did in 2012, the Texas Rangers are deflating in early September like a tight air mattress with big new hole. Actualluy more reminiscent of the way many Rangers teams would fold up in early July, this choke-a-thon of Arlington has all the hallmarks of an ugly sunset, starting with the flimsiest mustache in professional sports, Derek Holland, impersonating a #2 starter. HA! Mister Holland was bullied by Angels batters from the start, when Ranger-killer Mark Trumbo hit his 31st home run of the season to break an early 1-1 tie.

But the Rangers committed four errors on the night, and it doesn't take a baseball saber-magician to conjure up the illusion of a dominant Angels squad - mediocre at best, the Angels don't beat teams as much as outlast squads that undo themselves in public.

For Angels starter Garrett Richards, it is already spring training 2014 and the audition is on for the #3 spot in the rotation. Usually a good start with an earned run in seven innings is thwarted by the terrible Angels offense not scoring or really giving a damn, but Grant Green showed up tonight to make sure he is on someone's radar for the rest of the decade and with all the chances that Rangers leather gave 'em, our boys of bummer kicked a division rival in the teeth tonight.