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Angels Fail To Sweep Fading Rangers

The Rangers still look like the most beatable team in baseball with a weak, desperate effort, pulling out all stops to beat a mediocre Angels team.

2013 in a photo...
2013 in a photo...
Stephen Dunn

Final Score in Anaheim: Angels 3 Rangers 4

Are the Rangers really this weak? A jalopy of an Angels squad firing on less than all cylinders left Mike Trout on deck in the bottom of the ninth inning down by one run in their only loss to the Arlington Air Mattress of the weekend. Can Ron Washington patch all the leaks before the Wild Card gets a little to wild for this bedraggled Texas nine to handle?

Kole Calhoun hit a monster solo home run and then made the catch of the year in what turned out to be a critical sac fly. Trout just cannot field as magically this year as he did last season, but watch them trade Peter Bourjos in the offseason, and with Calhoun dominating with the bat and the leather, hey, there might just be worse things.

Jason Vargas pitched fine but Hambone hamboned and Erick Aybar couldn't buy a trip to the basepaths and that was that. Getaway for a one-game makeup in Minnesota starts now!