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Angels' Next Manager: Day 1: Wrapup of GM Gauntlet and Introduction!

The winner of the GM tournament...did Dipoto keep his job? Or is Beane taking his talents to SoCal? Oh, and the bigger, badder tournament begins too!

Thug life.
Thug life.

You have spoken, Halos Heaven.

By a resounding 145-92 vote (61%-39%), Billy Beane WINS the general manager tournament. MEANING, that if Billy Beane were up for grabs, the majority of Halos Heaven would want to fire Jerry Dipoto to get to Billy Beane.

Fireworks, hurrah, hurrah, now we're sweeping the streamers off the cul-de-sac and moving on.

This tournament is bigger. Badder. Better. There are 16 competitors in this gauntlet, and the winner of it will face Mike Scioscia in a do-or-die match for his job! So let me introduce unto you the bracketology of this competition:


(1) Tom Foley vs. (16) Roger McDowell

(8) Omar Vizquel vs. (9) Tim Wallach

(4) Alfredo Griffin vs. (13) Tim Bogar

(5) Bruce Bochy vs. (12) George Horton

(2) Darin Erstad vs. (15) Paul Konerko

(7) Wally Backman vs. (10) Jose Oquendo

(3) Joe Maddon vs. (14) Dino Ebel

(6) Tony La Russa vs. (11) Cal Ripken, Jr.


(1/16) Foley/McDowell vs. (8/9) Vizquel/Wallach

(4/13) Griffin/Bogar vs. (5/12) Bochy/Horton

(2/15) Erstad/Konerko vs. (7/10) Backman/Oquendo

(3/14) Maddon/Ebel vs. (6/11) La Russa/Ripken


(1/16/8/9) Foley, McDowell, Vizquel or Wallach vs. (4/13/5/12) Griffin, Bogar, Bochy or Horton

(2/15/7/10) Erstad, Konerko, Backman or Oquendo vs. (3/14/6/11) Maddon, Ebel, La Russa or Ripken


Winner of (1/16/8/9/4/13/5/12) vs. Winner of (2/15/7/10/3/14/6/11)


Winner of bracket vs. Mike Scioscia

Sound simple? Good.

Let's dive right into the first match of the whole run--Tom Foley vs. Roger McDowell.


Tom Foley is a member of Joe Maddon's coaching staff with the Tampa Bay Rays. Foley himself is a former major league infielder that played in parts of 13 seasons from 1983 to 1995 with the Reds, Phillies, Expos and Pirates. He and bench coach Dave Martinez have both been long viewed as the managerial proteges of Joe Maddon (or perhaps secondhand beneficiaries of the mighty Scioscia), and likely the first to leave the nest if offered a managerial position. Foley has never managed in the minor leagues or the major leagues, but what better of a first gig for him than picking up the broken pieces of a once-great franchise and trying to make a stained-glass collage of what's left?

Roger McDowell is something of a legend in the pitching world--not for his playing career (though his career 3.30 ERA, 159 saves and a 1.38 WHIP aren't exactly terrible), but for what he has done as a pitching coach for the Atlanta Braves. He has been their pitching coach since 2006 and has helped jumpstart, boost and revive careers of the likes of Jair Jurrjens, Tim Hudson, and Craig Kimbrel. His career as a coach, however, has not gone without controversy, having been accused of making homosexual slurs at three men before a game in San Francisco. He confessed and profusely apologized for his words and corresponding gestures. MLB suspended him for two weeks. No issues have even been rumored, however, since then surrounding McDowell. Personal issues aside, his pitching coach prowess cannot be ignored or denied, and could possibly be what the Angels need--a brilliant pitching mind capable of commanding a clubhouse.

Cast your ballots in the poll below! Discuss what you may, and let's see who tags along with Billy Beane to begin the new Angels.