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Angels Fizzle in Minnesota Sizzle

Rain in April Gave Us Muggy in September

Hot time, summer in the city...
Hot time, summer in the city...
Hannah Foslien

Final Score in Twins City, Minnesota: Twinkies 5 Angels 3

The Angels played a make-up game in Minnesota on what was supposed to be a Monday travel day to Toronto. Against the hapless Twins the Halos appeared to be playing without much effort.

Much as any true Angels fan loves Jered Weaver it becomes painfully obvious that he is broken-hearted about the team not being in contention and take that out onto the field with him. Even with a lackluster appearance the Angels got a quality start out of their ace - 3 ER in 6 IP with 5 K and 1 walk - but gassed by allowing 9 hits. Quickly, though, the bullpen wobbled like a weeble who falls down when his defense gives out and four walks are issued. Bummer.

Kole Calhoun had a big double early and was 3 for 4 while Josh Hamilton's 2 for 4 night matched Mark Trumbo's 2 for 4 night, meaning that in the lousy batting average department, it is now .239 for Hambone to Trumbomb's .237.

Nice to see the lousy excuse for an umpire Laz Diaz take a nice Glenn Perkins fastball off of the knee in the top of the ninth.