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Ten Years Ago Today on Halos Heaven

Halos Heaven began in October 2003 as the LiveJournal Blog of Halofan, before he was your Reverend! Check out these occasional visits down memory lane as we celebrate the longest running Angels blog out there...

Mitchell Layton

On new year's day, 2004, while you were watching the Rose Parade, the Kendry Morales signing allowed us a chance to point out that Arte Moreno did not need to have the team re-named "Los Angeles" as they had a national reputation already.

Then I went and misspelled Jered Weaver's first name with an "A" and pointed out that while he was holding out with agent Scott Boras the Morales signing money might have been his signing bonus.

Of course all turned out well and both players gave great service time to the Halos.

Then the rumors about the pending Diamondbacks trade of Randy Johnson to the Yankees, which turned out to be true, had taken a turn that inspired me to put together a potential trade for the Big Unity. Turned out we beat him with the Yanks in the 2005 ALDS (Bengie Molina home run in the rain the big blast) so all of that was quite unnecessary.

Click our LINK TO JANUARY 1, 2004 HALOFAN BLOG POST and enjoy!