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Vladimir Guerrero Signs with The Angels - Ten Years Ago Today

Where were you when you heard the news?

¡Feliz Diez!
¡Feliz Diez!
Otto Greule Jr

It was ten years ago today that Vladimir Guerrero signed with the Angels, changing the course of baseball history and guiding the team to five division championships and two trips to the ALCS. Vlad was the dominant offensive player on four of those five division winners as well as the biggest bat on the 89-win second-place 2006 squad.

Far be it from me to cite numbers or worry about the fact that the Mets team doctor had warned them to stay away from the bad back and knees of this future hall of famer. Nope, I was WAY TOO STOKED. How did you feel when you heard the news? As you can see the post went up at 4:00 AM on January 13, the LA Times had broken the news and I was jumping up and down, singing, high-fiving stuffed animals and shaking my butt in joy.

Then I calmed down enough to write a short celebration for the readers of our earliest Halos Heaven blog incarnation... Read All About It at THIS LINK TO OUR JANUARY 12, 2004 POST.