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Angels Prospect Carlos Ramirez Busted Being a Stoner

The Minor League Catcher has been suspended for 100 Games.

...I bet its the good sheet...
...I bet its the good sheet...
Ezra Shaw

Minor league catcher Carlos Ramirez, most recently with the Angels AA Arkansas Travelers, has been suspended for 100 games without pay for testing positive for a "drug of abuse" for the third time.

Basically the guy is a stoner and he got busted.

Why should we care? Well... in 2009 the Angels drafted him in the eighth round. Two rounds later the Blue Jays drafted Yan Gomes, a catcher who has already put up 3.7 WAR in only 131 career games. Who did we draft in the ninth round? David Carpenter, a terrible relief pitcher who has delivered NEGATIVE -0.6 WAR on the mound.

Meanwhile the Cardinals took Matt Carpenter in the thirteenth round, he of already 7.4 career WAR. Who did the Halos take after Carpenter? I the tenth round they picked a quaterback, Jake Locker. Why not, they had already satisfied their quota for someone to recite Chech and Chong routines.

Ramirez had a great year in 2011 as he moved up the ladder in both A-Ball leagues and made it to Double A, hitting .312 with a .385 On Base Percentage. Wait a minute, that actually is not that great because, like the Angels teach hitters, he isn't walking enough. At least he has an excuse that he was TOO STONED to judge the strike zone. In 2013, having been given a warning for a first offense and a 50-game suspension for a second "rock-and-roll-all-nght-and-party-every-day" positive test, he batted .206 with a .301 OBP at Arkansas. His suspension begins on the first day of the AAA season.

If we ever see him in Anaheim, it will likely be east on Katella near Disneyland's motel row looking to keep the party going.