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Wednesday Halolinks: Many players could lead-off for Halos

Let's re-hash a sore subject with some fans, who should bat lead-off for the Angels next season?

Grant Green.  Forgotten Angel.
Grant Green. Forgotten Angel.
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Spor

Very slow news day, especially if you're as sick of the "Where will Tanaka sign?" posts every site has up as I am.  Here's a slimmed-down version of Halolinks:

  • Who do you think the Angels should bat lead-off?  Does Grant Green have a MLB roster spot?  Tanaka?  Garza?  Find the answers here: Angels Inbox: Do they have a better shot at signing Matt Garza or Masahiro Tanaka? -  "Fans fire away at beat reporter Alden Gonzalez, asking about Matt Garza and Masahiro Tanaka, who will bat leadoff and more in the latest Angels Inbox."  My answers would be; Mike Trout.  No (although I really like him).  Yes, please.  N-to-the-O.
  • Also over at, we get to read about Josh Hamilton and his weight.  Again.  Los Angeles Angels' Josh Hamilton bulks up after offseason workout program -  "I've never lifted heavy, heavy weight before, so that's what I'm doing this offseason," Hamilton said on MLB Network. "Just trying to put muscle on, trying to have a couple of cheat days here and there, pizzas, burgers every once in a while. But for the most part trying to stay gluten-free, because that makes my joints feel better. So overall I'm feeling better."
  • Remember Angel fan Ricardo Marquez and the MLB Fan Cave?  Well, he did an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit yesterday, and it was pretty interesting: I watched an entire baseball season in the MLB Fan Cave in 2012. AMA .  "Who was the most down to earth player you got to meet during your experience? California AngelsFatMexKid  Essh this is tough. Honestly, every player I met was beyond rad and nice. Derek Holland and Ryan Dempster were probably the funniest. Mark Trumbo is super down to earth. Marlins bullpen was a terrific bunch (Dan Jennings, Steve Cishek and others). I think Nick Swisher was the only one we didn't really get to talk to. I will say that Derek Jeter probably surprised me the most. He was on a list of players I never thought would show up and next thing I know, I'm having a conversation with him and C.C. downstairs. He was extremely humble and pretty hilarious."  Ricardo also has a website: Old Time Family Baseball - Ricardo Marquez: Baseball Players Playing Saxophones
  • Yesterday we saw Brandon Wood, and today...hey look, Chone Figgins!
  • You think Chone is washed up?  It could be worse: Phillies Sign Bobby Abreu - CBS Philly.  ""We’re looking at all the left-handed bats still out there and he’s one of them," Ruben Amaro told CSN’s Salisbury."  It's pretty hard arguing with that logic.