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Should REC'd Comments Be A Different Color Than Green?

You tell us...

Mary Langenfeld-US PRESSWIRE

Okay, SBN is part of a big company, VOX MEDIA, with lots of worker bees making cool stuff and hiring Ezra Klein to blog for them and so many other things that I don't recognize half of the new folks at the water cooler but someone up the corporate food chain here sent me a missive recently. They basically have allowed communities to change the color of "recommended" comments. Here is the text explaining our options:

Subject: *Blog Name* Recommend Color Change

Text: Hello, I am *name* with *blog name*. I'd like to have a designer give us blog-specific recommended comment colors. Ideally they will use *color* for the background and *color* for the thumbs up icon if possible. Thanks! *name*

Following this template will make it easy for us to queue up the requests and make the whole process more efficient.

Note: Your choice of color should be something general like "blue", or your team color. SB Nation designers will make the final decision on the exact color to make sure it works with the text and the rest of the page.

So, after many years of having the tradition here of "turning it green" when someone comments something of greater interest to the community, should we abandon that tradition for a different color? I can assure you that if you want RED it will appear more pink but there is a whole rainbow for you to choose form.

Let's hash it out here in the comments...