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MondoLinks: Fall turns classic as playoffs power on

26 teams go under deep cover to avoid creating any news that might distract attention away from the twin LCS'. Which is good because the baseball is fun, and it gives us time to enjoy the season before we dig back into Winter musings.

Ed Zurga


Well, hot damn. I'm all better now. Yeah, it sucked to get booted from the playoffs so fast. That's an outcome that cannot be erased. Other teams are proceeding forward and feel free to enjoy the hell out of whatever baseball we have left. Me? I got The Walking Dead just in time to salvage my October. This should tide me over until Winter baseball musings pick up steam for real. By then, some other small band of dudes will have jumped about wearing beer-soaked MLB merchandise, and some other trophy will have settled in somebody else's dusty case, and the vast majority of us will have moved on and not being caring too very much about that somebody else's locker room stinks of stale alcohol. And when the carpets are shampooed everywhere, we still will be one of the lucky few raising another flag in Spring.

Weather is turning gorgeous all over. Holiday celebrations are around the corner. And plans are to be made for April. Coolness. Fall coolness. It's in the air.


In the Heavens of Anaheim: For Disney's Million Dollar Arm promo, Rev tabbed Matt Shoemaker as our shining example.  So you thought this would be the end of it, yes? No.  Bryan Grosnick thinks otherwise. Casting about all of MLB, he also decides on a Halo, but he chooses Joe Thatcher. I might give his content a little more credence if I could get past his dumb-ass attempt at yet another name joke.............C.J. Wilson is hiking Yosemite this week. He is on the Mist Trail, but it looks like there's no mist. Decidedly easier. Maybe someday soon he can try it in June, when it's like hiking across a wet bathroom floor, that is crooked...........Josh Hamiltonnow the easiest of targets..........This, I promise, is about as radical as things will ever get in what remains of my lifetime: make every MLB playoff series the same Best of 7, providing a little more protection from randomness to those teams such as the 2014 Angels, that labored the hardest during the 162 game regular season slog...........Mike Troutshowing Hamilton how it is to be done.

Around Baseball: Well, one must admit, in these final few days of real baseball, are we not being entertained? Kansas City shocks another favorite and jumps down Baltimore's throat to take a 2-0 lead. But, to keep up the dazzlement, they snatch each of thee first two matches at the very end, scoring 3 runs in the 10th inning of the first game and 2 runs in the 9th inning of the second game..............Meanwhile, over in the NLCS, things are now tighter, evened up 1 game apiece. The Giants rode Madison Bumgarner to a 3-0 shutout win in the opener, but the Cardinals built a great three consecutive innings of home run ball to snatch game 2............Along the way, Albert Pujols slides slowly off into history, bit by bit.............As the Royals continue to bathe themselves in the miracle milk of playoff glory, Grant Brisbee bemoans the contrast between Billy Beane of his favored A's, and Beane's counterpart in KC: Dayton Moore.  Oh, the injustice of it all. One more reason for me to be glad I am an LAA fan, where the center of my universe is not the GM and his mechinations..............Mike Trout's shoes, though, they play on...........Stats like this are why everybody wants to call the playoffs a crapshoot.  And like this, too..  And also this, which is more crap than actual crapshoot..............Yadier Molina is pulled from Game 2 due to injury, but the Cards have some serious thinkin' to do about how they handle this one...........